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Tyrol Hemp and Flax Bedding

A unique blend of hemp (immediate absorption) and linen (prolonged absorption) for optimal effectiveness. Effectiveness tested in a laboratory: Tyrol Hemp & Flax bedding is twice more absorbent (…) Read the description
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Reviews about Tyrol Hemp and Flax Bedding

88% des clients recommandent ce produit

27 Reviews about Tyrol Hemp and Flax Bedding ( View all reviews )
Reviews 5
Tamara, the 13/11/2020

It goes a long way for that price. I mix it with a paper bed and make it their mixed substrate and they are happy

Reviews 5
Chloée, the 20/09/2020

Rather satisfied with this purchase. Fine litter that is pleasant and easy to install compared to a compact litter.

Reviews 5
Cassandra , the 02/09/2020

Very good litter for my guinea pig I put it on top of the pellets from purelys for more efficiency!

Reviews 5
Séverine , the 28/08/2020

Good litter compromise for my guinea pig and my gerbils.It's very good for the portfolio to offer such packaging

Reviews 5
Mélissa, the 07/08/2020

This litter and its packaging are perfect Not dusty, perfect to fill large habitats

Reviews 5
Christelle, the 07/04/2020

I use it in the toilet of my rabbits in addition to the cap absorbing the urine remains at the bottom and is absorbed by the caps and there is no smell. Very good product I recommend

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