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Vitaplume Plumage Supplement

Vitaplume is a dietary supplement for cage and aviary birds. It is suitable for birds with straight or hooked beaks. After moulting or period of stress, it provides essential amino acids and (…) Read the description
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Reviews about Vitaplume Plumage Supplement

83% des clients recommandent ce produit

21 Reviews about Vitaplume Plumage Supplement ( View all reviews )

Reviews 5
Marcelle, the 03/10/2020


Reviews 5
Isabelle, the 16/07/2020

essential to have canaries in good shape. easy to use with its small spout

Reviews 4
Caroline, the 27/04/2019

Good product my Amazon and my parakeets take it well diluted in the water.

Reviews 5
Valerie, the 29/03/2019

I gave this product in the water of the trough of my canaries and cockatiels. Very good product and very good result.

Reviews 5
SYLVIE, the 14/08/2018

it's been 40 years that I have birds and I have always used this product and I will continue because I am very satisfied, I took it before I know zoomalia and now I use them at home

Reviews 5
Adeline, the 28/01/2018

I ordered this product on zoomalia because it is cheaper and my birds love it.

Reviews 5
Martino, the 17/10/2017

nothing to say very good product is very suitable for all types of birds

Reviews 5
SYLVIE, the 10/10/2017

effective product that I use all the years for the wellbeing of my birds

Reviews 5
Gabriel, the 26/07/2017

Product necessary to promote the regrowth of feathers. During this period of moulting, the birds are tired and a few drops of this product in the drinking water every day are beneficial to them.

Reviews 5
Gabriel, the 13/04/2017

Essential product for the health and beauty of birds. My boarders (astrilds, mandarins) particularly like. I add this product to the bath water every day.

Reviews 5
Brigitte, the 27/11/2016

very effective product for the regrowth of the feathers, following stitching of the other birds tearing the feathers, or loss of feathers following stress or participation in building their nests which make them very cozy.

Reviews 5
SYLVIE, the 18/11/2016

I have not tried it yet because I ordered it too late, I will give them for the next moulting, ie in the spring, but for me it's a good product because before I bought it in store, now I take it on the site

Reviews 5
Severine, the 27/09/2016

Very good, I give it every day in moulting period and they are much better, I find less tired. To recommend

Reviews 5
Chantal, the 26/09/2016

Very good product, my turtledoves have found a beautiful plumage. To recommend highly.

Vitaplume Plumage Supplement
Vitaplume Plumage Supplement
From £5,99